Door Options Guide


The main component, what your house and garage has been waiting for!

What is a curtain?

The curtain is the roller door itself, available in many colour choices and fits right in the opening, this is what all the pieces of lath are made up of.


What the door runs up and down in assuring maximum security and insulation.

What are the guides?

The guides are fitted flush against the walls, one either side and have brush inside assuring maximum draft protection making your garage more useable.

55mm Lath:

Perfect for window shutters or garages with limited headroom.

What is 55mm lath?

55mm max up to 3000mm overall width x 2400mm height, perfect for window shutters as the lath is smaller and more compact, the smaller profile also only requires 205mm headroom above the structural opening, gaining you maximum headroom to utilise your garage space more efficiently.

See Fitting Requirements for more information

77mm Lath

Maximum security and wind protection!

What is 77mm lath?

77mm can be any size up to 5500mm overall width x 3900mm height as long as you have enough headroom above the structural opening, the headroom you will need is 300mm.
77mm lath is still insulated the same as 55mm however is more sturdy and secure especially in blustery conditions.

See Fitting Requirements for more information

Wireless safety edge:

Like most of our products, Wireless Safety Edge’s come standard with all automatic roller doors.

What is a safety edge?

A safety edge is the main safety device on our doors, the product works by 2 bungs in each end of the rubber seal which is on the bottom of all doors accompanied by a receiver fixed on the bottom of the door, if the seal is compressed with any sort of force the door will stop giving you full reassurance the door is safe for any user and will not crush or damage anything which may be in the way.

Safety Brake:

A safety brake is a key essential for our doors to conform to the latest regulations

What is a safety brake?

A safety brake assures that if the motor or power was to suddenly fail during the door in motion the brake mounted on the head plates would stop the door from slipping any further and causing an accident or damage.

Battery Backup:

Only have one way of gaining access to your garage? Then the battery backup has you covered!

What is a battery backup?

A battery backup does not come standard but if you only have one way of getting into your garage then this is a necessity.
The product works by being plugged into a normal 240v socket and our roller door being plugged into that and for example you have a power failure the battery backup has been charged up still assuring you can gain full access to your garage.

Full Canopy:

What is a Full canopy?

A front box comes standard and has to be supplied and fitted with all doors, however the back box doesn’t have to be supplied or fitted, a back box is more of a decorative addition but finishes the door off giving it a sleek look.


We offer a superb range of colours, have a look at the options below…

(Note: while these images act as a guide to the colours available, colours can look different when on the actual door).




Fir Green

Moss Green

Chartwell Green


Light Beige


Light Brown



Painted Rosewood

Golden Oak